Cloudscapes: Painting Skies

In this three-week workshop, artists will focus on painting cloudscapes and open skies. Instructor Amy Gibas will give demonstrations and instruction for utilizing light, color, and painting techniques to create a variety of cloud types and shapes. Perfect for those looking to improve the background of landscapes or painting clouds for clouds sake! 

Open to Oil, Acrylic, and/or Watercolor mediums. 

Recommended Supplies for Cloudscape: Painting Skies Workshop

  • A fresh 8” x 10” or 11” x 14” surface for each week (canvas, canvas panel, primed wooden panel, or watercolor paper, depending on your chosen medium)
  • A variety of sizes of filbert, oval, and/or round brushes
  • A large flat brush for blending backgrounds (at least 1”)
  • Palette


  • If using acrylics:

o   acrylic matte medium and/or retarder

o   water cup, rags or paper towels

  • If using oils:

o   I work with a mixture of linseed oil and liquin medium

o   Small mason jar for storing linseed/liquin mixture

o   Coil jar or mason jar and odorless mineral spirits for clean up

o   Shop towels for clean up

  • If using watercolor:

o   You may want to use masking fluid to preserve areas of white

Colors for week one:

  • Titanium White and Black (such as Ivory or Mars)
  • Optional grey (or mix your own)
  • Recommended blues: Cobalt, Ultramarine (red or green shade), and/or Cerulean

In weeks two and three we will begin using more color; you will want yellows, oranges, reds, and possibly purples. We will discuss specific color choices at the end of our week one class.


Bring reference photos to work from, printed out if possible. I will also have a collection of printed cloud photos that you may browse and use for reference.

3 sessions (once a week), 3 hours each

Week 1: Light source, volume, and cloud density 

Week 2: Utilizing color to enhance volume and space

Week 3: Colorful skies: Harmonizing contrasting colors in sunrises or sunsets


$65 for members

$85 for non-members


Class runs Saturdays 4-7pm August 7, 14, 21