Fundamentals of Drawing I w/ Julie Tyslicky

Fundamentals Drawing I Class with Julie Tyslicky

12-week class

Tuesdays 6-9 p.m.

Jan. 18th-Feb. 22

$240 mem/$290 non

The Fundamentals of Drawing Classes are a series of 4-12 week classes that are in depth skill building classes that teach you to draw from the ground level. Starting with “I cant draw a stick figure” or the ever popular “I can’t draw a straight line” developing into much more advanced skills that can help enhance your painting skills or possibly get you into juried shows. 

Fundamentals of Drawing 1 starts the process at the ground level, teaching you how to go about handling the nervousness and the fear of making a mistake, contour line drawing, observation and its importance to the drawing process, layering your graphite to create the different values, what values are and why you need them, what highlights and shadows are and the role they play in drawing, what is negative space and why it is important, then putting it all together to create drawings you will be pleasantly surprised you can actually create. If you have always wanted to know how to draw but didn’t know where to begin or you were afraid to …whether you want to learn to draw in your own home just for your own pleasure or you want to develop skills to get into juried shows or help with getting your paintings looking better ….this is an excellent class (or series of classes) for you to get started with down that path.

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