Fundamentals of Drawing 3 w/ Julie Tyslicky

Fundamentals Drawing III Class with Julie Tyslicky

12-week class

Tuesdays 11:30am-2:30pm

Jan. 18th-Feb. 22

$480 mem/$580 non

This is Class 3 of 4. The Fundamentals of Drawing III utilizes assignments to help you start to develop your own drawing style by building on the skills learned in classes 1 and 2. You will learn how to choose a subject matter through assignments meant to challenge you to think creatively. Design and composition are talked about more as well as our constant challenge of truly observing what we actually see instead of what we think we see.

IF you have not taken Fundamentals of Drawing 1 and 2 then Instructor approval required to take Fundamentals of Drawing 3. (This will include showing the instructor your portfolio)

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