50 Artists 2023

Artists applied and were selected by a panel of experts in the visual arts and community leaders from the region. Each artist is featured in 50 Artists of the Great Lakes Bay Region, an exhibition in the Rowley Gallery of Studio 23, on display from September 21 – November 11, 2023. An additional piece of art from each artist has been selected to be reproduced on a metal plaque and installed as a part of Art Around the City.

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Wildflowers of Summer, oil on canvas
Lost Equilibrium, oil on canvas

JP Aleksander was born in Poland and moved to the U.S. in 1982. His artistic talent was evident in childhood, but he pursued the sciences, which led to a Ph.D. in ceramics and material science. In his youth he apprenticed with several contemporary painters, studied art history, and practiced clay sculpture and oil painting. After retiring, he took on painting as a full-time pursuit. His home and painting studio are located in Midland, Michigan.

A reproduction of JP Aleksander’s artwork can be found in Bigelow Park at map number 27.

Rural Infrastructure III, acrylic
Rural Infrastructure V, acrylic

Valerie Allen received her B.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati. She is a certified working artist for Golden Paints, co-founder of the podcast Art Ladders: The Creative Climb, and mentor for Mastrius. Valerie has exhibited internationally, including at Site: Brooklyn and Mostra Internazionale di Pittura in Matera, Italy. She received the 2022 Great Lakes Bay Region All-Area Artist award from the Saginaw Enrichment and Arts Commission for her role as artist and community leader.

A reproduction of Valerie Allen’s artwork can be found in Veterans Memorial Park at map number 50.

Intersection I, oil on canvas
Until that Day, oil on canvas

After a 25-year career in healthcare, Denise Ardis transitioned into the art world. Since medicine is defined as an art and a science, it seems a logical conclusion that art is medicine. She works mainly in oil, but not exclusively. Her work is influenced by and is the reflection of the culture and society we live in.

A reproduction of  Denise Ardis’s artwork can be found in Bigelow Park at map number 30.

Loving Frankie, acrylic

Diane Arendt studied art at Western Michigan University. In 2015, she revisited her love of painting. Her art was in Studio 23’s juried 50 Artists of the Great Lakes Bay Region/Art Around the City exhibition in 2019, and she received the Award of Merit in Studio’s 2022 MI Artists All-State Juried Exhibition. She has also participated in Studio 23’s 100-Day Projects, Painters & Potters Exhibits, and plein air events.

A reproduction of Diane Arendt’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 38.

Summer Contentment, graphite
Poised Surveillance, graphite

Sharon Berkan-Dent is a lifelong artist whose focus on long-form graphite drawing led to her acceptance into an international organization, the Society of Animal Artists, as well as local and international shows. Berkan-Dent is also an accomplished jewelry artist who has had works published in “Art Jewelry Magazine” as well as the book “CAST.”

A reproduction of Sharon Berkan-Dent’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 36.

Entanglement, digital art
Glory Days, digital art

As an artist fueled by a harmonious blend of photography and digital technology, Mark Bleshenski captures his world’s nuances through his lens, while his coding expertise infuses it with a mesmerizing digital dimension. Through his personal blend of artistic vision and technical and artistic skills, he crafts digital artworks from his photos that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination.

A reproduction of Mark Bleshenski’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 32.

Last Dance, graphite
Memento Mori… Last Walk, graphite

Larry Butcher is an emeritus (retired) professor of art at Delta College, where he taught painting and drawing for 39 years. He holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from Central Michigan University and did postgraduate work at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Butcher has exhibited his paintings, drawings, and mixed-media work since 1965. He has had 21 one-person shows, and his artwork is in the collection of the Saginaw Art Museum, the Flint Institute of Arts, the Alden B. Dow Center for Art and Design in Midland, and the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City, as well as over 400 private and public collections.

A reproduction of Larry Butcher’s artwork can be found along the Riverwalk behind Breakers Cove on the east side of the Saginaw River at map number 25.

Cardinal in Flight, photography
Snow Flight, photography

Jeff Caverly is an Essexville, Michigan, photographer who enjoys capturing the moments and the character of the historic neighborhoods and buildings in Bay City. In addition to photographing local scenes, he enjoys exploring the Great Lakes State and capturing the natural beauty that it has to offer.

A reproduction of Jeff Caverly’s artwork can be found on the side of Herter’s Music Center at 5th Street and Washington Avenue at map number 17.

Dichotomy, stoneware, mixed media
Square Peg, stoneware, mixed media

Sara Brooks Clark received a B.F.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, in 1989, and an M.F.A. in ceramics from Ohio University in 1991. She has been the studio art technician and an art instructor at Saginaw Valley State University since 1992, and she has juried exhibitions for regional art groups in Michigan and has given several public lectures. Her previous experience included working as the art director for a small artist-in-residence program in Michigan. Clark has had several one-person shows and has shown in national exhibitions, including shows in Louisiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio.

Described as quirky and whimsical by colleagues, Clark’s work generally involves a playful look at the perception and presentation of form and fantasy by today’s fashion- and trend-conscious society. She works both sculpturally and functionally in terra cotta, stoneware, and, recently, glass. Her organic forms activate space and have colorful, deep surfaces that reference nature and unique decorative pattern. Examples of her recent concerns can be found in her series “Tools,” which is an attempt to nullify violence through beauty; in “Trophies and Journeys,” whose references are to little victories found in the mundane; and in the piece “Ablution,” an homage to our attempts to wash away that which is unpleasant or weak. Her installation “Rings of Fire” parodies the hazards and beauty of love and desire.

A reproduction of Sara Brooks Clark’s artwork can be found in front of Bay City City Hall on Washington Avenue at map number 20.

Other Side of the Diamond, watercolor
Eyes on the Finish Line, watercolor

Janet Faerber is a retired Frankenmuth art teacher who owns and operates Jan’s L’Atelier, which opened in 1996. In addition to teaching watercolors in her studio, she paints and exhibits her works of art in many venues in Michigan and Florida. She has been accepted into two Michigan Water Color Society annual shows, and her work has also been in their travel show. She has taught and taken many watercolor workshops, learning new techniques that she teaches to her students. Watercolor is her medium of choice, and she loves what she can do with it. She usually paints landscapes, but also enjoys figures and portraits.

A reproduction of Janet Faerber’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 46.

Guatemalan Market – Everybody has a Story, oil
Locks of Bemuurde Weerd, Utrecht, In Evening, oil

Dr. Bruce Francke is a 1991 graduate of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and is a practicing companion animal veterinarian in Essexville, Michigan. He is a self-taught artist who first started painting during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way of temporarily escaping from the stress of dealing with it. Most of his paintings to date have been either gifted to people who were negatively impacted by the pandemic or sold to support charitable causes. He paints most frequently in oil, but regularly returns to acrylic and watercolor. He also dabbles in pastel, charcoal, and mixed media.

A reproduction of Bruce Francke’s artwork can be found near the Kantzler Memorial Arboretum at map number 42.

Cartagena Meat Market, photography
Cartagena Mercado Barber, photography

Avram Golden is a fine art and commercial photographer based in Bay City, Michigan. He has owned and operated Golden Gallery, which is located in downtown Bay City, for the last 17 years.

A reproduction of Avram Golden’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 45.

Here Comes the Sun, ceramic
Woman’s Work, ceramic

Pam Hart is in her seventh year on the faculty of the Studio School at the Midland Center for the Arts. She has worked in the ceramic medium for 15 years, has studied with instructors at the Midland Center for the Arts, and has attended workshops with nationally recognized ceramic artists.

A reproduction of Pamela Hart’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 35.

It Pleases Me, fused glass
Primordial Chaos, fused glass

Emmy Heger enjoys making and creating. She likes working with clay, glass, paper, and encaustic. Her inspiration comes from listening to music, and observing people, animals, and nature. Just about anything can spark an idea. Her subject matter ranges from the human form to the abstract, and from colorful to black and white.

A reproduction of Emmy Heger’s artwork can be found along the Riverwalk behind Breakers Cove on the east side of the Saginaw River at map number 26.

Falsus Animus, mixed media
Beverly Clock, paper collage

Erin Houghtaling is a self-taught artist from Saginaw, Michigan. She works primarily in paper collage, but also in mixed media, photography, and, recently, AI. Her work employs balance, framing, and meticulous detail to create surreal images that represent humans’ imperfect memory. Recently, her work could be seen in “Vogue Man Hong Kong” magazine and in the gatefold of Jack White’s single “What’s the Trick?”

A reproduction of Erin Houghtaling’s artwork can be found on the side of Studio 23 along 5th Street at map number 7.

The Square Root of It All, acrylic on canvas
32 to Infinity, acrylic on paper

Patrick Humphreys, who holds an M.F.A. in painting from Western Michigan University, is a prolific painter who has lived in the Bay City area since 2000. He displays his work in several local galleries and businesses, and has had art featured in public art projects in Downtown Bay City.

A reproduction of Patrick Humphreys’s artwork can be found on the gate to Drydock on Center Avenue at map number 15.

Floral Crystal, mixed media iPhoneography
Blooming Garden, mixed media iPhoneography

Michael Inman is a mixed-media artist, specializing in iPhone photography. With a background in painting and digital art, he creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces using gold foil leafing and pearlescent acrylics. His work is a testament to his talent and passion for blending traditional and modern art techniques.

A reproduction of Michael Inman’s artwork can be found on the side of St Laurent Brothers candy shop along 3rd Street at map number 11.

My Sisters in the Garden, oil on canvas

Rosemary Kavanagh is an oil painter and paper-dress and oil-on-canvas dressmaker. She has exhibited in three museums, many galleries internationally, and has had many solo gallery exhibitions. She has won numerous awards, including first-place awards. She recently finished a commission for a children’s hospital in Saginaw.

A reproduction of Rosemary Kavanagh’s artwork can be found in Bigelow Park at map number 31.

Driftwood with Stone, limestone, driftwood, copper, ceramic, moss
Multi-media Driftwood, driftwood, copper, ceramics

Heather Koos has always enjoyed being creative. From hiding her paintings on her bedroom walls under posters, to quilting as an adult, and, most recently, her obsession with pottery. Her interests are diverse and many, much to her ever-so-patient husband’s displeasure.

A reproduction of Heather Koos’s artwork can be found on the Double Tree Hotel near the main lobby entrance at map number 2.

Nest Series #71, acrylic
Nest Series #73, acrylic

Debra LaRocque is an award-winning artist from Bay City, Michigan. Her work is inspired by nature, light, and the patterns created by it. She works in acrylic, graphite, and watercolor. Her recent work is a series based on bird nests, an often-overlooked object but an engineering marvel found in nature.

A reproduction of Debra LaRocque’s artwork can be found on Saginaw Street near the Dow Bay Area Family YWCA at map number 21.

Siena – Italy, mixed media on vintage map
Krystyna – Poland, mixed media and collage on vintage map

Patricia Leng is a self-taught mixed-media artist who focuses on abstracts, including portraits inspired by people and cultures from around the world. She enjoys creating layers with hidden expressions within the piece that inspire the viewer to take time to explore and enjoy. She loves to use vintage ephemera. This piece is from the series “Women of the World,” which is done on vintage atlas pages.

A reproduction of Patricia Leng’s artwork can be found at the end of the Riverwalk Pier on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 34.

M. E. M. 1 #4, oil on canvas
S.T. #2, oil on canvas

Matt Lewis is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, with a concentration in painting and drawing. His work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Henry Ford Hospital, GM, and the College for Creative Studies. He has shown in numerous venues and is represented by the Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Michigan.

A reproduction of Matt Lewis’s artwork can be found in Veterans Memorial Park at map number 49.

Release, felted and torched fiber, gold leaf and birch bark
Caught, fiber-bark, lichen, plastic tag, woven yarn, book binding thread and gold leaf

Marti Liddle-Lameti is an internationally recognized fiber/textile artist who creates two-dimensional fiber “paintings,” as well as three-dimensional sculptures and wearable art. Her work can be seen in private and public collections, including Memorial Healthcare in Owosso, Michigan.

Liddle-Lameti was born in Detroit, studied art at Olivet College, and earned a B.F.A. at Eastern Michigan University and a master of arts in teaching at Saginaw Valley State University. She taught art and fashion design at Owosso High School and as an adjunct professor at Kendall College of Art and Design. Her current home and studio are on Sanford Lake near Midland, Michigan. More of her creations can be seen at Martel Designs on Facebook or marti_lameti on Instagram.

A reproduction of Marti Liddle-Lameti’s artwork can be found on the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the east side of the Saginaw River at map number 3.

Sassi de Matera – Matera, Italy, photography
Sassi Dwelling Entrance – Matera, Italy, photography

The Sassi di Matera district in the Italian city of Matera, Basilicata, well known for its ancient cave dwellings, is suspected to be among the first human settlements in Italy, continuously inhabited since about 7000 B.C. As the cave dwellings were created, stone blocks were cut and used to construct the cave entrance structure, with the door and windows being the only sources of natural light and ventilation. This cave dwelling is now part of a hotel that uses individual Sassi caves as guestrooms. In spite of the ruggedness and age of the structure, don’t you find the light and staircase particularly inviting?

Lipsitt Photography creates Impactful Images with unique travel and nature photographs intended to create emotion, tell a story, or transport you to a different place. These Impactful Images were captured in locations around the world, so they can allow you to bring a unique memory or new perspective from these places into your home.

A reproduction of Bruce Lipsitt’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the east side of the Saginaw River near Uptown Drive at map number 22.

Poppies in Shadow, oil on panel
View Across the Land, oil on panel

Alan Maciag received a master’s degree in art education from Central Michigan University. He retired after teaching art in the Frankenmuth School District for 32 years. “As a plein air painter, the gifts of light and nature propel me,” says Maciag. His studio is in Midland, Michigan, and he is represented by several galleries in the Midwest.

A reproduction of Alan Maciag’s artwork can be found in Waterfall Park at the end of 3rd Street near the Saginaw River at map number 10.

Good Night, oil
Swimmin with the Cats, oil

Jim Matherne, a 1976 graduate of Adrian College, was an art teacher at Davison High School from 1976 to 1981, then taught art at Bullock Creek Schools: in elementary school for 13 years, middle school for 10 years, and high school for 3 years. He was also the Garber High School swimming coach for 16 years. “Starting my paintings without a final vision is fun in the discovery process but can also lead to some frustrating crashes,” says Matherne. “Lately I’ve been thinking that a ‘paint by number’ approach might be less painful . . . but, for now, I’m staying on the rollercoaster.”

A reproduction of Jim Matherne’s artwork can be found in Bigelow Park at map number 28.

Wipsy, charcoal, pastel and acrylic
Sister Ann, charcoal and pastel

Jody McDonald-Rider is a professional artist living in Midland, Michigan. She received her degree in illustrative art from Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Capturing light and shadow helps her understand the true qualities of sculptural form in the human persona. She works to create mixed-media drawings that produce a fascinating dialogue of form, color, and movement.

A reproduction of Jody McDonald-Rider’s artwork can be found along the Riverwalk behind Breakers Cove on the east side of the Saginaw River at map number 24.

Torn, colored pencil, ink, and watercolor
She is Free, colored pencil and mixed media

Allise Noble is an award-winning artist based in Saginaw who has a background in fine art and interior design. She teaches art to creators of all ages and abilities, and is especially passionate about working with artists with disabilities and mental health struggles. Her art celebrates the natural world around us and all those who inhabit it while visually exposing the unique mental environment of the subjects in her work. With each piece of art, she strives to begin a story that the viewer gets to finish.

A reproduction of Allise Noble’s artwork can be found in Wenonah Park at map number 5.

Love Triangle, graphite
Henry Jones/Sean Connery, graphite

Jason Nuttall is a portrait artist and cartoonist based in Bay City, Michigan. He is married, with three children, and is an art teacher for an online Stride K12 school. His inspirations are realism, impressionism, cartooning, and comic book art.

A reproduction of Jason Nuttall’s artwork can be found in Veterans Memorial Park at map number 48.

Old Skills, New Art, fiber mixed media
Abstract Practice, fiber, wood and mixed media

Susan Pack is a fiber and mixed-media artist. She frequently uses found objects in nature for inspiration. Incorporating sewing and needlework skills and techniques, she manipulates those materials to explore abstract possibilities.

A reproduction of Susan Pack’s artwork can be found in Waterfall Park at the end of 3rd Street near the Saginaw River at map number 9.

M-46 I, digital photography
M-46 II, digital photography

Steven Parkhurst is an artist working out of his Flat Frog Studio in Midland, Michigan. He works in oil painting and digital manipulation of iPhone photography. He has taught ceramics, beginning drawing, and advanced critique at the Midland Center for the Arts, and has judged many art fairs and shows throughout Michigan. He received the Best in Show award at the national juried ViewPoint 52 art show sponsored by the Cincinnati Art Club, among other awards and shows.

A reproduction of Steven Parkhurst’s artwork can be found in front of the Bay County Historical Museum on Washington Avenue at map number 19.

Sunroom, Afternoon Light, acrylic
Spring Has Sprung, watercolor

Nancy Philo is a former gallery owner, art educator, and director of a large art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has shown her work professionally for the past five decades and has trained teaching staff for a large nonprofit art center. Philo’s work is represented in many collections, both nationally and internationally. Currently, she teaches painting and drawing workshops in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

A reproduction of Nancy Philo’s artwork can be found near Kantzler Memorial Arboretum at map number 41.

Abandoned – Waterloo, photography
Abandoned – Frains Lake, photography

At age 69, Jon Piechowiak has been a photographer for more than half of his life. He has lost interest in the typical shots, like flowers, lighthouses, and sunsets. He is currently intrigued by abandoned homes and other buildings that many people find compelling. These homes have developed a mysterious beauty all their own.

A reproduction of Jon Piechowiak’s artwork can be found at the end of the Riverwalk Pier on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 33.

Port Austin Farmers Market, acrylic
Looking toward Liberty, acrylic

Barbara Plezia is an artist who has lived her entire life in the Great Lakes Bay Region and finds inspiration right here at home. Her background is graphic design, and she enjoys painting and drawing in several media, including plein air work.

A reproduction of Barbara Plezia’s artwork can be found at the entrance to Wenonah Park at map number 1.

Fire and Water, artist made paper and grape stems
Margot’s Delight, artist made paper and grape stems

The questions fueling Sally Rose’s art practice are process-oriented experiments with handmade paper and sculptural form. She received a B.F.A. from Colorado State University and an M.F.A. from Indiana University. After 33 years of teaching, she retired as head of the Fibers Program at Central Michigan University. She shows her work both regionally and nationally.

A reproduction of Sally Rose’s artwork can be found on the side of Violet’s Blue at 4th and Saginaw Street at map number 12.

New Rural, spray paint and mixed media collage
Road to Valhalla, spray paint and mixed media collage

Josh Roupe was born in Bay City, Michigan. He has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Central Michigan University and an associate degree in art and design from Delta College. He is also a Marine Corps veteran who served as a rifleman during ground operations in Iraq. His work consists of mixed-media collage combined with stencil-based printmaking inspired by street art graffiti.

A reproduction of Josh Roupe’s artwork can be found in Bigelow Park at map number 29.

Fish Reconstructed, welded steel
Marine Thrust, welded steel

Michael Starch has been creating welded steel art for over 45 years, primarily using an oxy-acetylene torch. He makes a variety of artworks, both three-dimensional and wall pieces. Since retiring from his career as a chemist, he has had more time for his creative activities. The inspiration for his art comes from nature as well as the world of fantasy.

A reproduction of Michael Starch’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 47.

Wave Exploration I, textile
Running Exploration I, textile

Bonnie Swierzbin is a fiber artist who explores the vast range of techniques and materials available to create stitched textiles. She dyes her own fabric and threads; the serendipity of color and texture resulting from stitching with these materials is a source of endless fascination. Her work has been enriched by learning opportunities with the Needlework Guild of Minnesota.

A reproduction of Bonnie Swierzbin’s artwork can be found on the side of the Mill End Lofts building on 5th Street at map number 14.

Break Forth, iPhoneography
Reflecting, iPhoneography

Janis Taylor is a photographer, painter, and graphite artist, and a member or the Great Lakes iPhoneography Group. She received her B.F.A. from Central Michigan University and currently lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She has worked in the field of commercial art for more than 40 years. She is inspired by the world, both the everyday and the extraordinary, and her work is “an offering of admiration.”

A reproduction of Janis Taylor’s artwork can be found in Waterfall Park at the end of 3rd Street near the Saginaw River at map number 8.

Self-Conscious, mixed-media acrylic textured with modeling paste
Creating My Path, pyrography on hard maple

Guided by curiosity, over six decades of life experience, and a desire to capture the dichotomy of life’s joys and sorrows, Shelly Taylor is an emerging feral artist unencumbered by formal training. From a young age, she was encouraged by her grandmother, an artist in multiple media, to explore her imagination. As a teen, she spent time drawing and taught herself pyrography. After two years of vocational training in graphic art, she moved into the printing industry and then on to work as a graphic artist at a regional planning and development agency. After more than two decades with the agency, Taylor and her wife launched an online e-commerce men’s vintage clothing store in 2005.

During the pandemic, Taylor discovered her love of painting and now devotes her time to exploring her art. She is committed to conveying emotion and beauty through her work while working with different techniques and learning new aspects of herself through the artistic process. She began showing her art publicly in 2022. In 2023, she is focusing predominantly on painting smaller works of art.

A reproduction of Shelly Taylor’s artwork can be found near Kantzler Memorial Arboretum at map number 40.

Whisper, encaustic mixed media
Structure of a Memory, encaustic mixed media

Kristianne Tefft is a self-taught artist living in Midland, Michigan, and specializing in encaustics. Her mixed-media paintings are multilayered, with a combination of clear encaustic wax medium, encaustic paints, oil-based paints, collage materials, and her own photographs. By blending texture, color, photography, and wax together, she feels she can create something that bends reality.

A reproduction of  Kristianne Tefft’s artwork can be found on the side of Timothy’s Fine Cigars along Saginaw Street at map number 16.

Frosty Morning, colored pencil
After the Rain, colored pencil

The way water affects our view of the world and captures colors in interesting ways encourages a longer, closer look. The water drops are upside-down reflections, very much like early cameras, and, because of the translucent nature of colored pencil, the process of layering color allows the variety of hues and subtleties in an object to show through. Playing with color gives Thomas energy and excitement.

A reproduction of Suzanne Thomas’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 37.

Hopper at the Whitney, watercolor
Sky Lights, watercolor

After her retirement from teaching, Sherrie Tiderington pursued her interest in art through classes and much practice. She has worked in graphite and in pen and ink, but mostly in watercolor. People serve as her most fascinating subjects to draw and paint. Her juried shows include: Michigan Water Color Society, in Detroit; Manifest Gallery, in Cincinnati, Ohio; Webster Arts, in St. Louis, Missouri; Midland Center for the Arts, in Midland, Michigan; State of the Arts, in Saginaw, Michigan; and Studio 23, in Bay City, Michigan. She received an award for her graphite “Woman in a Chair” and for her watercolor “Alfresco Lunch at the New York Public Library.”

A reproduction of Sherrie Tiderington’s artwork can be found in Wenonah Park at map number 4.

When the Mustard Blooms, acrylic
Hiding in the Shadows, acrylic

Tamara Trudeau-Ebenhoeh lives in Frankenmuth, Michigan. She is an acrylic painter who specializes in painting Michigan deer and elk. She develops her ideas from natural woodland settings and landscapes. Through on-site sketching, plein air techniques, and photography, she captures the essence of these animals in their habitat. She has taken numerous art classes in the Great Lakes Bay area.

A reproduction of Tamara Trudeau-Ebenhoeh’s artwork can be found in front of Farm Bureau Insurance on Saginaw Street at map number 13.

Adrianne and Gizmo, colored pencil
It’s Just About the Rocks 2, colored pencil

Julie Tyslicky uses accidental processes to create her pieces. She chooses a rock to draw, chooses where it’s going, draws it and so on until the piece is complete. Life is full of troubles, so she wants to convey a moment of peace when viewing her work and to bring a smile to someone’s face at the memories of their own adventures.

A reproduction of Julie Tyslicky’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 43.

Social Climber, water media collage
XYZ, watercolor

Barbara Walworth is a lifelong resident of Michigan, currently living in Saginaw. She has enjoyed her roles as wife, mother, nurse, horsewoman, animal lover, and traveler. She had never painted until a friend asked her to attend a watercolor workshop. Her love for watercolor grew as she attended workshops and classes conducted by accomplished artists, some of whom are internationally recognized. Barbara has gravitated from realism to nonrepresentational work over the past 10 years. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques and materials, and is currently exploring mixed media and collage, as well as her first love, watercolor.

A reproduction of Barbara Walworth’s artwork can be found on the side of the Bay Couty Historical Museum on 9th Street at map number 18.

Rog’s Ol’ Ford 100, colored pencil
Fish in the Garden, colored pencil

Julie Wells is a color pencil artist who resides in Harrison, Michigan. She loves to draw elements of the natural world. Her technique is based in contrasting colors, which she enjoys implementing. She often draws with one tone in the foreground against a colorful background—or maybe the reverse, an intense observation of a colorful piece against a dense one-tone background. She takes all her own photographs and uses them as the basis for her artwork. She takes photos on walks in the forest or garden. They are to her perfect pictures of nature whether at its best or worst.

A reproduction of Julie Wells’s artwork can be found near the Kantzler Memorial Arboretum at map number 39.

One Small Decision, acrylic on canvas
Life Walks VI, Just Be, acrylic on canvas

Carol Zahn was born, raised, and lived much of her life in the Midwest. However, she also lived and furthered her art education in Europe. She now paints in her home studio in Midland, Michigan. Inspired by the innate abstraction of nature, Carol exhibits both in solo and group shows, recently winning an Award of Excellence and a Purchase Award in juried shows.

A reproduction of  Carol Zahn’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the west side of the Saginaw River at map number 44.

FIREFLIES (Solace VII from Seeking Solace), pigment ink on Hahnemühle paper with resin
HOME (Solace VIII from Seeking Solace), pigment ink on Hahnemühle paper with resin

Rebecca Zeiss, originally a painting and drawing major, received her B.F.A. from the University of Michigan School of Art, then shifted the focus of her work to photography, earning her M.F.A. from Central Michigan University. Rebecca teaches printmaking and photography at the University of Michigan-Flint. Her work, which often uses antiquarian photographic processes, investigates collective memory and shared storytelling.

A reproduction of Rebecca Zeiss’s artwork can be found along the Bay City Riverwalk Loop trail on the east side of the Saginaw River near Uptown Drive at map number 23.

Actively Vulnerable #3, stoneware, high fire gas reduction kiln
Tribute to the Mad Potter of Biloxi #3, stoneware, high fire gas reduction kiln

Mike Zureich is a ceramic sculptor. After graduating with a B.F.A. double major in math and fine arts, he taught while he completed a master’s degree in CAD/CAM, and then worked in that industry for 25 years. He is the IT director at Dow Credit Union and has been creating his ceramic sculptures at the amazing Midland Center for the Arts Ceramics Studio since 2017.

A reproduction of Mike Zureich’s artwork can be found on the side of Studio 23 along 5th Street at map number 6.

Our Jurors

Ben Champagne
Assistant Curator, Saginaw Arts Museum

Benjamin Champagne is Exhibitions Manager for the Saginaw Art Museum. Previous to this, he ran the Counter Culture Art Gallery for 5 years. He comes from a deep background of arts, events, concerts, happenings and instigations. His mission is to provide circumstances that allow for others to be inspired and feel able to create change within and without. He is a writer and a musician foremost, but has created murals, installations, broadsides and more.

Jennifer Kanyo
Senior Director of Museums & Education, Midland Center for the Arts

Jennifer Kanyo serves as the Senior Director of Museums and Education at the Midland Center for the Arts. With over ten years of experience in arts education, Jennifer is passionate about the transformative power of visual arts on individuals and the community. Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Pratt Institute and a Master of Arts degree in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

Kellie Rupp
Marketing Director, Downtown Bay City

Kellie Rupp currently is the Marketing Director for Downtown Bay City and she plans fun community events such as Santa’s Arrival, Wine Walk, Apps & Ales and Feet on the Street programming. Kellie is also the chair of Bay Area Energize, the young professionals group through the bayarea chamber of commerce, where she is also a Chamber Ambassador. Kellie is a board member of Kawkawlin River Watershed association, a member of the Bay City Noon Rotary Club and is a frequent volunteer and serves on a number of committees in our community such as Studio 23’s Chalk Walk committee. In her free time, Kellie enjoys life in the great lakes bay region, boating and spending time with her husband and their two cats.

Sherry Schmidt
Owner/Principal Designer, Form & Function, Bay City

Sherry Schmidt is an interior designer with over 24 years of experience and a minor in the arts and sciences. She has also taught interior design classes at a local college. She develops and enhances her natural ability to select and incorporate art into high-end interiors while also having a keen eye for recognizing emerging talent in the art world.