Fundamentals of Drawing 4 w/ Julie Tyslicky

Fundamentals of Drawing 4 with Julie Tyslicky

April 19–July 12, 2022

Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

12 weeks

$480 members/$580 nonmembers

The final session of the Fundamentals of Drawing series. This intermediate drawing session will concentrate on honing the skills learned in previous classes by working in a series and why this is important. We will also touch on creating an artist statement, artist bio, and information on how to enter a juried show. Prerequisite to take this session is Fundamentals of Drawing 1 and 2, or show the instructor your portfolio.

Basic drawing

  1. In its most basic form is in monochrome.
  2. Most often black and white


Drawing paper

  1. Paper is expressed  as weight per ream  480 sheets  60LB   80LB   120LB
  2. Different papers suit different drawing media  18” x 24 
    1. Hot press pen and Ink
    2. Smooth graphite   colored pencil
    3. Cold press graphite wc
    4. Rough pastel


Sketch book

  1. Do not choose one to smaller then 8” x 10”  I recommend  11” x 14”
  2. Get one with a good quality paper and good binding
  3. You may have to try a couple of them before you feel comfortable


Drawing media

  1. Pencils
    1. Hardness
    2. 2H, HB, 2B,4B
    3. Mechanical pencils
      1. Grip pencil
      2. .03 .05 .07 .09
      3. softness
    4. Woodless
    5. Graphite sticks 
    6. Carpenters pencils
    7. White prismacolor pencil
    8. Ebony pencils
    9. Blending stump
    10. Sharpeners
    11. Erasers 
      1. Kneaded erasers
      2. Hard erasers   Pink pearl
      3. Art gum  
      4. Electric erasers
    12. Fixative


Pen and Ink

  1. Waterproof
  2. Water soluble
  3. Dip pens
    1. Non –calligraphic
  4. Felt pens  very fine 
  5. Technical pens
  6. Water color brushes


Conte crayons


Vine charcoal


Stick charcoal 


White charcoal


Xacto knife


Metal straightedge




Art bin


Red rope portfollios