Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to support the GLBR by providing a vibrant arts center dedicated to making the visual arts relevant and accessible to all.


Studio 23/The Arts Center:

  • Is devoted to inspiring the community through visual arts and education.
  • Strives to provide a wide variety of visual art education.
  • Is a supportive arts community committed to artistic integrity and inclusion.
  • Is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to make personal connections through the visual arts
  • Believes in nurturing curiosity by inspiring creativity through the visual arts.
  • Fosters a collaborative environment to support initiatives in the GLBR.
  • Is committed to providing a welcoming arts center for all.


We will…

  • Be the leading visual arts organization in the region
  • Support a strong local artist community
  • Be financially sustainable
  • Provide the opportunity to buy quality art
  • Teach students of all ages a variety of visual arts