Our Staff

The Studio 23 Staff

Tara Welch


“I am honored to work in a place where creativity is encouraged daily.  Our students, instructors, artists, and members, constantly amaze me by the talent that comes from our local Art Center.  Studio 23 is where the imagination can flourish.  Everyone should visit our thriving Art Center in Downtown Bay City.”

Autumn Reyes


“I love working at Studio 23/The Arts Center because I am constantly surrounded by artists who prompt me to challenge myself and artwork that teaches me to observe minutia.”

Valerie Allen


“Communicating the many ways that art and creativity brings joy, healing, and personal expression to our lives, is a motivator for me as an artist and curator. Now I find myself working in an environment where that creative world can be explored in depth. Studio 23 / The Arts Center is a wonderful space to discover how art connects the dots of our lives.”

Amy Wurdock

Financial Officer

Randy Heeke

Facility Management

It is the mission of Studio 23 / The Arts Center to provide the Great Lakes Bay Area with a visual arts center and embrace creative educational activities involving the community. The gallery is dedicated to making the arts relevant and accessible to all.