Supporting Studio 23’s fundraising programs and events provides you the unique opportunity to connect with the community, build brand awareness and show your support of an important cause: the arts!

Donations are accepted online through links below, over the phone transactions and checks made out to “Studio 23”. Your donation will support the mission of Studio 23 / The Arts Center, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.  Studio 23 provides the Great Lakes Bay Region with a visual art center and creative educational activities for the community.  The galleries of Studio 23 are dedicated to making the arts relevant and accessible to all.

50 Art Advocates 2021 Campaign

By being part of 50 Art Advocates 2021, you are providing support for both our regional artists and your community art center. Art Advocates contribute to:

  • Educational growth seminars for artists 
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Awards
  • Exhibit program
  • Support for regional art 

The momentum for this project is being propelled by businesses and community supporters like you, and you can help support this initiative by becoming an Art Advocate today. Your $50 individual pledge will support prize money, educational opportunities, and exhibition programs for our region’s talented artists. We would also like you to consider increasing your donation to the sponsorship level of $250 which will support an artist’s station on the rail trail. 


The 23 Club

Here at Studio 23 our mission is to provide the Great Lakes Bay Region with a vibrant arts center dedicated to making the visual arts relevant and accessible to all. 

Throughout the current times our staff has made sure that we provided relevant programming virtually and now in-person. We made the switch to virtual programs last March quickly and efficiently. Now we are looking to you, as supporters of the local arts to help ensure that we can provide services to our community. 

We are dedicating a portion of these donations to support art education in our region. With these funds we will support scholarships for high school students pursing the arts, workshops and classes here at Studio 23 and it will be for all ages and demographics. Studio 23 currently provides the Culver Jones Scholarship to students pursing the visual arts in college. The 23 Club will magnify that fund and open it to classes and workshops at Studio 23 as well.

By committing to this fund, the 23 Club you are making sure that the arts can be accessible to all. Every child and adult should have the opportunity to participant in an art class. Your contribution will support this initiative and also support our staff everyday. 

You can support this fund by signing up for a recurring monthly donation. This can be by clicking the ‘donate’ button below and clicking the recurring donation box or by phone. 

I hope you will consider supporting Studio 23 with a $23 monthly donation. We even have more levels of giving beginning at $5 a month. 


Interested in other donation opportunities? See our options below and contact Tara Welch, for more information.

Dali – $5,000

Picasso – $2,500

Giacometti – $1,000

Cezanne – $500

Manet – $250

Motherwell – $100

Pollock – $75

Rothko – $50

Banksy – Open Amount

Donate by clicking the button below:


Interested in volunteering or supporting Studio 23?