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This is an example for creating a class. After making this product; Description, detail, add a cover image, and set category to class on the right.


You will then change the product to bookable below here in the PRODUCT DATA dropdown.  Also, click the has persons check block (this enables to book more than one person per class).

Leave the setting to a fixed block of 1 day (this means that there is not a floating period of time around the calendar).

Next, go down to the Availability label, this is where you will set the dates for the class. You can set how many people are allowed in the class. Say for example 15 people are allowed. Set max booking per block to 15.

Look at the image to see how to appropriately set the conditions to set specific times and dates to select. Click ‘Add Range’ to set range with date and time and set bookable to yes.

Then when you go to this product in the shop the client would select the class by the group in the calendar. If the class is full they will not be able to highlight that class as being available.


Go to the ‘Costs’ tab to set the cost.

Go to the ‘Persons’ tab to set the maximum number of people who can book for the class.

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